Saturday, May 6, 2017

First ride

Sunday after a function we had at the hall I couldn't wait any longer. So I put on my full knights armour, got the bike out and off we went. First mini-challenge, drive a heavy bike you've never really ridden before down a washed out driveway. I was so nervous and tense my adrenaline shot up with every small slip of the tires. Stupid really. I had to force myself to relax. That was the situation for most of the ride anyway. "Relax!" The first curve, "Am I too fast? Whoa does she lean too far into the turn.Am I too fast/slow? Coming too far to the road shoulder..... just relax!"

It took about 20 km for me to settle down and enjoy the ride. I went up north, through Kaitaia, Awanui, Waipapakauri to Waihara. There I turned around and went back. My nerves settled and the grin got wider. Overtaking slow cars? Whooohooo. Flying past. This is great. I got a feel for the curves and bends. Just before Awanui on my way back AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH a warning light on the dash. What now? Oh, oops, low on petrol. This shows how nervous I was.

Turned into BP station in Awanui, filled her up, felt great to walk into the shop as a "biker". Paid for the petrol, hopped on the bike and after the attendant brought me my key I left inside and after I figured out that a bike doesn't start if the kill switch is turned to off I was on my way again.

Back home (up the driveway wasn't as bad as down the driveway) I felt really good.

Next task: sort out a way to attach my action cam to the bike and to do some videos when riding.

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