Monday, May 8, 2017

The Beginning or "Midlifecrisis? What Crisis?"

So here I am, owner of a motorcycle. How did this happen? Well, changes mainly. Lots of changes in my life. Good, bad, all of the above. It's called life. Is it midlife crisis? I don't know, Don't care.

It took me some 2 - 3 months to make up my mind, gather enough courage, buy the riding gear and be ready for the big step. And it became a big step i.e. a big bike. I came to a crossing on the road to bike ownership where I had to make the choice between reason and what some might call unreason. between a light bike and a heavy one. Between 40 HP and 100HP. Between 650CC, 800CC and 1200CC. Unreason won. I felt I am too old to be reasonable all the time.If that makes any sense at all.

I bought a 2005 BMW R1200GS. 1st of May 2017 was the day for pick up.

I was so excited that I stuffed up the ties of the bike onto the trailer. Drove out of the driveway of the seller and the bike shook and the ties came off. Shit! If that would have happened when on the road ..... don't really want to think about it but I did think about it a lot. A 200kg bike falling off a trailer. Right! Cool! No!
The rest of the trip was uneventful, I unloaded the bike myself, another unreasonable activity but all went well. That was on a Monday and I didn't have time to go out on it until Sunday. So there was a lot of petting, stroking the seat and sitting on it in the garage,

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